At Zerofootprint, we incent and inspire daily behavior change to cultivate long term, sustainable resilience. We reward good actions with good rewards and create the glue that makes change stick.

People make change happen, not things or programs. The most efficient buildings, wonderful hospitals and properly grown food won’t solve our sustainability challenges. It’s only when people take ownership over the problems they face and behave in positive ways that change occurs. We see community engagement as a powerful lever to affect the type of change we know is needed to improve life as we know it. Everyone is inspired to make changes happen in their own subtle ways and we know that there is no universal incentive that motivates everyone——however, while there may not be one reward to inspire all, we believe that our innovative platform for good has the power to incent the types of mass behavioral change the world needs now.

We are a new kind of rewards company: One that enables and empowers Governments, Municipalities, Public Utilities, Corporations, Social Enterprise, NGO’s and Charitable organizations to initiate their own sustainability missions, launch and execute consumer engagement programs and drive meaningful change in their communities.

We link engagement tools and technologies together with gamification, incentivization and reward to create genuine momentum for good and behavior change that sticks.

In 2014, we created and launched the GOODcoins rewards program. GOODcoins are an evidence-based rewards currency for behavior change that is beneficial personally and societally. GOODcoins can be earned for doing “GOOD” things (like walking, running or cycling, volunteering in your community, driving safely and conserving energy) and redeemed for curated goods or services that also contribute to a more sustainable world, creating a virtuous cycle of “good” actions. GOODcoins are issued and redeemed through data-driven evidence, managed through our proprietary software platform that links to and analyzes multiple sources of data and behavior in multiple fields. These include energy consumption, healthy activity, transportation etc. Our business model is B to B to C, as we believe our platform is relevant to the ambitions of those companies, organizations and governments which share our vision of sustainable change by rewarding good with good. For more information, visit GOODcoins today.

The Zerofootprint Brand Family


The GOODcoins app is a revolutionary mobile engagement app that rewards people for being active and engaged and making GOOD a vital part of their lives every day. It is a simple and easy to use set of tools that educate, inspire and motivate people towards healthier, more sustainable choices, activities and behaviors that are good for the individual, good for the wider community and good for the planet.


Zerofootprint Carbon is an end-to-end carbon mitigation partner. We measure and calculate organizational and product-specific carbon footprints, including life cycle analysis.


The Zerofootprint Foundation’s mission is to support community-based partner organizations working at the grassroots level to reduce our collective environmental footprint.


The Zerofootprint Re-Skinning Awards showcase excellence in holistic retrofitting projects from around the world. These are projects that update older buildings to bring their carbon, energy, and water performance to sustainable levels, improve their aesthetics, and make them “smarter.”


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