Even with the most efficient buildings, wonderful hospitals and fuel-efficient cars, unless we change the behavior of people who use them, we will never solve our sustainability challenges. Efforts have been made to tackle climate change, reduce health spending and enhance resilience of our cities by improving infrastructure. Yet behavior change, which is half the problem, has barely been addressed. The most efficient buildings will only perform efficiently if the people using them act appropriately. We can build the best hospitals but if people don’t take ownership of their health, we will run out of money. Knowing that engagement is an untapped resource, we created GOODcoins, the world’s first social currency, based on Social Science and Behavioral Economics, to reward sustainable behavior. Our mission is to achieve large-scale positive behavior change.

Who We Are

Zerofootprint is a rewards company targeting positive behavioral change.

What We Do

Zerofootprint® GOODcoins are evidence-based rewards for behavior that is either personally or societally beneficial. GOODcoins can be redeemed for goods or services that also contribute to a more sustainable world. Our proprietary software links to and analyzes multiple sources of data including energy and water (individual behavior change around consumption), transportation (rewarding good driver behavior), medical/health (engaging people to be more active; improving reach and effectiveness of rehabilitation), and universities (promoting sustainable student behavior). Our clients are large organizations. Our business model is B to B to C.

Our Competitive Advantages

1. We have integrated two quite different verticals; engagement software and a loyalty/rewards platform.
2. Our software platform integrates data from any type of source.

The Zerofootprint Brand Family

Zerofootprint Carbon is an end-to-end carbon mitigation partner. We measure and calculate organizational and product-specific carbon footprints, including life cycle analysis.

The Zerofootprint Foundation's mission is to support community-based partner organizations working at the grassroots level to reduce our collective environmental footprint.

The Zerofootprint Re-Skinning Awards showcase excellence in holistic retrofitting projects from around the world. These are projects that update older buildings to bring their carbon, energy, and water performance to sustainable levels, improve their aesthetics, and make them "smarter."


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