Tenant Engagement

40% of consumption comes from tenant behaviour.

For property managers, helping tenants engage in energy reduction programs can result in significant cost savings. However engagement rates in most buildings are very low, drastically decreasing the effectiveness of your energy efficiency programs.

Since engagement programs have to be run continuously for them to have a lasting effect, there is a need for software infrastructure to reduce operating costs, manage data risk and ensure privacy, all of which are needed each time a program is run.

Our software platform, VELO™, brings together automated data management, analytics, engagement dashboards and a rewards infrastructure that can operate standalone or in concert with the organization’s own rewards scheme.

  • Energy & Water conservation
  • Common area maintenance & upkeep
  • And more…
  • Tenant Recycling Programs
  • Building maintenance projects

Employee Engagement

Drive higher profit and lower turnover.

Employees are a critical part of a successful corporate sustainability program, but engaging them can be difficult. Enabling employees to understand how they can participate, get rewarded and achieve their sustainability goals can mean the difference between a successful program and failure. Our solutions for Employee Engagement bring your employees into your program and give them the tools to participate.

  • Corporate travel cost reduction
  • Recycling programs
  • Fleet and Fuel optimization
  • Paper/Toner usage conservation
  • Energy & water conservation
  • Logistics & warehouse operations optimizations

Student Engagement

Create sustainable action & policy on-campus.

Zerofootpirnt has been engaging students and teachers on sustainability around the world since 2005. Our student engagement tools for education have been recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative and has helped over 350,000 students around the world learn about their environmental impact and discover ways to reduce it.

  • Energy & Water conservation
  • Student Health & Wellness
  • Paper/Toner usage conservation
  • And more…
  • Educational Environmental Programs
  • Recycling Programs
  • School Maintenance Programs

Citizen Engagement

Sustainable community, economy, leadership.

Municipal governments also have many challenges getting citizens to participate in sustainability efforts. Our solutions for Citizen Engagement provide a platform for cities & municipalities to better engage individuals on environmental impact of household behavior and ways to be more sustainable. Increasing engagement in these programs helps make these programs more successful and provide a direct ROI on the taxpayer dollars used to implement these programs.

  • Energy & Water Conservation
  • Transit Promotion
  • Downtown core traffic awareness programs
  • Pollution Control Programs
  • Organic collection & recycling promotion programs

Consumer Engagement

Show your commitment to sustainability.

Helping your customers discover and contribute to your efforts can be a key part of your sustainability program. Zerofootprint’s consumer engagement solutions are designed to enhance the interaction with your customers at every point of contact, increasing their knowledge and understanding of your brand’s commitment to sustainability. Whether it’s engaging your customers at your latest event, or helping them understand the sustainability impacts of your brand - our solutions help customers identify and engage with your sustainability initiatives.

  • Carbon neutral air travel, car rental, hotel stay & vacations packages
  • Carbon neutral events & conferences
  • Other custom programs
  • Carbon neutral shipping & logistics
  • Events & conference attendee engagement