We change behavior for Good.


Everything is measurable. Even Good.

You want change for Good? Reward Good.
You want to reward Good? Measure Good.
You want to make a lasting impact? Do Good.

This is the trifecta for change. Enabled by our products.


VELO® is a SaaS enterprise grade technology platform that powers Good company-wide without shoving it down throats (we’re not fans of force-feeding change). It’s way more than an app. It’s a revolution.

VELO backs up our solutions through actual evidence-based results. We built it to scale and to handle data from anywhere – exercise sensors, phones, the Internet of Things). Its analytics engine turns data into useful information about behavior change and rewards.

VELO runs behind the scenes on your own programs. You can let us drive it for you or white label it. Your call. Use it to power a complete behavior change across your enterprise – and, over time, your community!