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Your lifestyle choices have an enormous impact on your health and wellness. We help you make good ones.

We need less medicine and more care. Rewarding patients with GOODcoins for sustaining healthy behaviors helps them make the right choices, own their health and reduce the burden on our healthcare system.



40% of energy consumption depends on the behaviour of tenants.

Our software and services engage tenants with effective communication and our unique GOODcoins rewards program to reduce their waste and consumption of energy and water.



When all of you participate you amplify the impact of your good choices

Whether you're looking to reduce your environmental impact or improve employee wellness, engaging your employees with Zerofootprint's GOODcoins rewards program will vastly improve the success of your initiatives.



Use less and learn more

Zerofootprint has helped over 350,000 students and teachers from around the world learn about their environmental impact and discover ways to make good choices to reduce it. We have received numerous awards including recognition by the Clinton Global Initiative



Helping create a greener city is good for you and for everyone

Zerofootprint has worked with numerous cities to provide a software platform to enablie citizens to improve their health, achieve sustainable lifestyles and contribute to a more resilient city. Our GOODcoins program provides a unified, effective currency for rewarding positive behavior across multiple initiatives.



Making good choices is now more rewarding

Zerofootprint's consumer engagement solution enhances the interaction with your customers at every point of contact, increasing their knowledge and understanding of your brand's commitment to sustainability and rewarding their good choices.

“This is a company...that is doing everything right in the field of smart monitoring”